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Hello 2009!


Well 2008 has kicked the curb. Thank God for that. It hasn’t been a smooth ride; it was more trouble than anything else. 2009 will be a fresh start and I hope to make the best outta it. Anyway, we shall now go forth and do an obligatory anime meme. YAY!

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Because I wanna do something fun and interesting, I’ve decided to explore OTPs (be it mine or yours) and tag them with a “Most…somethingsomething” award. Why? Basically, because I can.

Here are just a few awards to give out from a lot to come:

“Most Aesthetic Pairing” award

“Most Timeless Pairing” award

“Most Amusing Pairing” award

“Most Unexpected Pairing” award

“Most Random Pairing” award

“Most WTF How did this happen?? Pairing” award

“Worst Pairing” award (<—has to be canon)

….and a few more. Do drop some suggestions on what awards you wanna see and which couple fits the bill (with small explanation).  I can’t wait to get started. XD

Thursdays with Macross



With only half a dozen episodes left, Macross Frontier proves to be a constant factor in mostly everyone’s watch list (myself included). Macross Frontier is LWL. Love. War. Lolis.

One of the biggest must-watch-reasons for Macross F is the love triangle. Everyone wants to know who will win Alto-hime’s heart. Will it be the Galaxy Fairy Sheryl Nome or Cinderella Ranka Lee?

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Sheryl and Alto is love ❤


…That is all.