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Shoujo-scene #2

Anemone and Dominic falling down from the sky. I find it such a nice scene.


~Eureka 7

Shoujo-scene #3


Watch the full scene HERE.

~Macross: Do You Remember Love?

Shoujo-scene #5

One scene I can never forget is the Airport scene in episode 48 of You’re Under Arrest (First season). Officers, Natsumi and Toukairin were one of my earliest OTPs. And this was one of my favorite scenes between them. Sigh. Memories…


Close to Xmas…

I’m not really into Christmas as much as I used to be. It’s like the older you get, the more of a dud you become. But maybe that’s just because of all the stress I’m under. But anyway, to celebrate the Christmas cheers, I shall have a 6-day countdown on the best shoujo scenes I have witnessed over the anime years I have lived.

Shoujo-scene #6
I don’t know with all of you out there, but the special episode of CLANNAD captured more emotion than the whole series itself. It had me feeling different emotions at one time. The series never gave me that. The confrontation between Tomoya and Tomoyo in the snow almost had me in tears. In a span of how many minutes, it teaches you what love is mostly about and that is sacrifices. Sure, the episode might have come cheesy or hurried to some, but what can you expect?