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Shoujo-scene #4






Shizuku! I <3 YOU!!!

Shizuku! I ❤ YOU!!!

~Whisper of the Heart


Thoughts on Macross Frontier Finale


And I mean…


I did not see that coming.

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Just so you know….I AM NOT INTO YAOI OR SHOUNEN-AI! I prefer straight pairings and cannot tolerate slash in any anime that has no aim to be a shounen-ai/yaoi (I am looking at you Code Geass). LOL, what a way to begin OTP awards. “Cough” Now that that’s out, let us begin.

Having expressed my dislike for umm…(what did that show Scrubs call it again? Oh yeah!) guy love, you’re all probably wondering why the award for “Most Amusing Pairing” is handed out to these two bishounens. Well the answer is simple…Yuuri and Wolfram have been the only pair that kept me amused than any anime pair at all. I watch their interactions because it is funny.  I mean c’mon, a self-proclaimed straight guy with an easily-jealous-male-fiance-by-accident is just so creepy–it’s funny. At one point, I almost became a yaoi fan but I slapped myself back to reality. I don’t follow KKM though, I stopped midway in the first series as the show started going bland for me. Well, there you have it! Congratulations, Yuuri and Wolfram! You have just won a trip to Florida and lots of frilly gowns for Wolfram, lol. XD

Random Highlight

If you look closely...Amu is flipping you off! XD

If you look closely...Amu is flipping you off! XD


I love Shugo Chara, don’t you?


Because I wanna do something fun and interesting, I’ve decided to explore OTPs (be it mine or yours) and tag them with a “Most…somethingsomething” award. Why? Basically, because I can.

Here are just a few awards to give out from a lot to come:

“Most Aesthetic Pairing” award

“Most Timeless Pairing” award

“Most Amusing Pairing” award

“Most Unexpected Pairing” award

“Most Random Pairing” award

“Most WTF How did this happen?? Pairing” award

“Worst Pairing” award (<—has to be canon)

….and a few more. Do drop some suggestions on what awards you wanna see and which couple fits the bill (with small explanation).  I can’t wait to get started. XD