A random blog that divulges into fandom. We cater to shoujo fixes from anime to manga.
We comment, rave, rant and bitch about a lot of things, not caring a rat’s ass if you don’t like it.

Be careful with the things you say. Anything you say will be taken against you.

But don’t be discouraged!
This is just for fun.
Play nice, is all we ask.


Because no matter where the person you love may be,
Distance can be surpassed, boundaries broken…
Skies can be crossed, and things come across without being spoken.

(Yes, it’s cheesy but cut some slack, this is after all, a shoujo-centric blog.)


Raile is just a happy-go-lucky college student.
Whose interests range from normal things (like cactuses, cakes, barbie dolls) to the extremely weird (aliens and coffee).
Loves to laze around and go to otaku mode, much to everyone else’s chagrin.


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