Hello 2009!


Well 2008 has kicked the curb. Thank God for that. It hasn’t been a smooth ride; it was more trouble than anything else. 2009 will be a fresh start and I hope to make the best outta it. Anyway, we shall now go forth and do an obligatory anime meme. YAY!


moe-46664-sampleHands down, MACROSS FRONTIER. In all honesty, the anime wagon had been full of nonsensical crap. When Macross F came, it swept me away. It’s an anime that made me feel for the characters A LOT. It’s been such a long time since I rooted for characters, most of the time, I would just be blah watching other current animes. The scenes had impact. The music was orgasmic and the mecha pron was Rated R godly! 8D Gundam 00 comes by at second place. Because it’s Gundam. Third is True Tears.



To LOVE-Ru and Kanokon share first place. Oh God. Do I have to really elaborate? No I don’t. It’s just bad. Second to this is Rosario + Vampire. Pointless story is pointless, as well as pointless fanservice.


yutoayaseYūto Ayase from Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu. Not exactly memorable but he’s the first one that comes to mind. Why? This guy just has so many likeable attributes. Just when you think he’s going to do a classic-move-a-male-protaganist-will-do-in-anime, he doesn’t. He always seems to know what to say and he only has eyes for one girl and doesn’t stray to the next big-breasted bimbo that comes his way. I know some will disagree with me but he has all the attributes that a girl would want for her boyfriend. Maybe his looks aren’t up to par but he’s personality and actions speak for him. Also he isn’t as wimpy as you’d initially think.


sheryl-in-whiteOh yeah. SHERYL NOME! Initially, I did not like Sheryl. I thought she was just another generic big-busted character who was self-centered and shallow. Many predicted she would just be the jealous manic rival of then-innocent and sweetly-tempered Ranka Lee. In the earlier start of the series, it wasn’t “cool” to be a Sheryl fan. However, we were all proven wrong by this character. Even Kawamori, the creator, was astounded by her (Heck! He admitted he hated Sheryl at the start but loved her along the way). Sheryl showed to be a character who was more than a pretty face (body…voice, etc.). She was strong, independent, self-reliant and capable, as well as passionate. She was a woman at the pinnacle of her career but despite it, she wanted to become a part in Alto’s life and supported her rival Ranka Lee to reach her dreams with no ill or malice towards the younger girl. She is a tsundere and is confident to the point of haughtiness but she shows genuine concern to those around her. In the series, you cannot dispute the fact that she is the most developed character. If you do, I can only ask you this…WTF is wrong with you?! Second to Sheryl is Noe.


ranka004Ranka Lee takes the pineapple cake for this. She had such a promising start, I even rooted for her. But God. She was FAIL. So much FAIL that I could not take and swallow. Her personality was gratingly annoying especially when she had the most screen time. Okay, yeah sure, she wasn’t mean like the “Sheryl bitch” (cue eye roll) but she was so immature. Her character suffered from horrible development and to think she had the biggest transition. Yeah sure, no doubt, some of you out there love Ranka and it must be painful to some that I cut her out like this. But face the pop music. If you cannot see how her character failed, well then I applaud you for your devotion (maybe it’s because of her green hair and loliness) but if you start making excuses (senseless ones at that) for her inexcusable actions than you’re as much of a fail of a character as her. One more time…FAIL.


sa_peaceful-blissAlto/Sheryl or popularly called as AruSheri (アルシェリ) wins. For about almost a decade, Asucaga had been my OTP on a pedestal. But when Alto and Sheryl came to light…the rest is history. I began liking this pairing in the Star Date episode and episode 6 sealed my love for this pairing. They are a couple of tsunderes who share chemistry and understanding. I am one of the believers that the last episode was a trick episode. I mean, seriously, after all that’s happened…suddenly there’s a reset button? Wishful thinking for harem-ending-lovers and Rankadogs is what I think. Like Ranka’s decision to fight for love and music will change Alto’s decision to stay with Sheryl. But hey, if you want to think Alto chose no one, I won’t fight you on that if that’s what makes you sleep at night.



Definitely True Tears deserves this one. It was one hell of a whirlwind ride. Having you guessing and guessing who will end up with who. True Tears was a great series with one of the best dramatic scenes. I am still struck after a particular scene. Sniff. It was heartwarming and heartbreaking all at the same time.




Surprise, surprise. Reflectia from True Tears and Diamond Crevasse from Macross Frontier share first place. I cannot choose which one I prefer over the other. XD
Reflectia makes me feel a certain emotion whenever I listen to it while Diamond Crevasse has such a meaningful impact.

Sigh. Well this is where I’ll go for now. Oh and because life took some toll on me, I couldn’t post the number one shoujo-scene. Might as well do it now…the winner would have to be this….

~Samurai X


3 Responses to “Hello 2009!”

  1. 1 arcangelus January 1, 2009 at 11:27 pm

    i cant agree with you more with the best female char/fail char/and the OTP.
    meh i still feel deprived after ep 25

  2. 2 turtledork January 2, 2009 at 4:49 am

    Macross F, Sheryl and AruSheri FTW!

    I, too, was kinda unsure what to think of Sheryl at first (but had an inkling that I would like her anyway – I love tsunderes) but I was an instant fan after episode 3 XDDDDDDD I loved her kind of bratty but still responsible personality at the start, but I loved her transformation even more ♥

    When I first watched ep 25, I thought I must’ve been dreaming or something (because it was 3 am) but *siiiigh* Still, there’s the movie to look forward to. 🙂

    And I was far too scared to even watch To Love Ru and Kanokon >.<

  3. 3 raile January 2, 2009 at 6:48 am

    *Pat pat* You’re not alone. Troll Kawamori is troll.

    Sheryl is awesome. Enough said.
    To Love Ru and Kanokon are not worth your time. Not worth it.

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