Thoughts on Macross Frontier Finale


And I mean…


I did not see that coming.

I won't bother giving out a summary, you can read them at other sites, so yeah, I won't bother. This is just mainly my thoughts and feelings about the finale.

Now, here is the general feeling I had after watching the last episode of Macross Frontier:


What the?!


askdhskfhiwehfiwhfiw!!! I fucking want my Arusheri!

The frustration is pretty understandable. C'mon, majority of us have been watching this show for the love triangle. The mecha porn was a bonus--speaking of which, the dogfights were awesome! XD

After I calmed down, I did some rethinking about the series and I realized that the open-ending wasn't really an open-ending (in terms of the triangle only, lots of stuff still need to be explained like the whole Galaxy and Minmei thing). Alto/Sheryl is pretty much solid for me. C'mon, go back to 24 and I dare you to say that Alto wasn't going to confess. Also, The salute scene was the best homage to Hikaru and Misa of DYRL. XD And the part where Ranka says she won't lose? Pfft. Typical line from a losing side of the triangle in shoujo.

My props to Kawamori. He is a troll but he is awesome. Hopefully, the movie will leave us with a more concrete acknowledgement to the Alto/Sheryl ship (call me a smug and bias shipper all you want but that's how I am. I don't pretend unlike a lot of posters).

Well I gotta get back to my work. Enjoy this little piece of beautiful Arusheri.They make beatiful kids together, don't you think so? XD 

Alto wants some attention from wifey X3

Alto wants some attention from wifey X3


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